Whilst understanding your productions time and budget constraints along with working within strict yet inconsistent and confusing guide lines.We work alongside production teams, ensuring all necessary organisation and reporting structures are in place.

Our Chaperones and tutors are trained to a professional standard, are agents for the Local Authorities they are licensed to and ambassadors for Safe Guarding Children.

We ensure the directives of the licences are upheld and parents feel both comfortable and confident with the care provided.For the children we aim to make their part in productions a safe, happy and rewarding experience.

Policies are in place to protect the child but must still remain workable in order to encourage the use of child talent.


We have professional, experienced male and female chaperones and tutors, covering the whole of the U.K and abroad to the Television, Stage and Film Industries.

All our staff hold current enhanced CRB checks and chaperones a current Licence. Most are First Aid Trained and hold certificates for training in Safeguarding Children.

We are all experienced within the entertainment industry and as such, are familiar with the necessary legal requirements and protocol.

Whether chaperoning for a day or away on location, we would ensure we have our CaT pak in place containing any medical,dietary information and parents emergency contact details. Where children are staying on location we ask parents/carers for any requests they may have to continue their children’s care away from home.


Any tutors required will liaise with both schools, parents/carers, to ensure the all important continuity of studies.

We will assist you with aggregated hours,/cross key stages and any specific syllabus requirements. Our tutors will keep a tutor log for each child of aggregated hours to assist you.

Professional Chaperone Training

The Training of our Chaperones to a Professional Standard is the way forward for guaranteed best practice, and a uniformed set of standards. This will facilitate council checks. Our chaperone and tutor pak or CaT pak will be on hand at each theatre, location shoot and studio production, which will more than satisfy any council inspection.